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Electronic stereo headset with headband black/grey.

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3M PELTOR™ PROTAC™ III SLIM and HEADSET is an electronic headset with fixed steel headband with controlled noise attenuation specifically designed for hunting and shooting activities. The stereophonic audio system with controlled noise attenuation allows you to perceive the sounds of the surrounding environment, environmental noises and speech and to perceive the direction of the sound and therefore reproduce the capabilities of the ear while guaranteeing protection from high intensity noises . The filter closes and attenuates the noise up to a non-harmful threshold; once the surrounding noise level has dropped, the headphones return to the set amplification level. Maximum amplification +8 dB on 5 volume levels; menu commands with voice guidance in English. Listen-only 3.5mm stereo input for connecting external devices directly to your ear. Warning signal when the battery is almost empty. Voice menu system that avoids the removal of headphones. To reduce corrosion caused by sweat, the electronic components are located on the outside of the cup. Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C. It works with 2 AA batteries which give it an autonomy of approximately 100 hours. Automatic shutdown after 4 hours. Ideal for hunting, sports shooting, simulations, exercises in closed or open ranges.

SNR: 26 dB Slim - 32 dB Headset
WEIGHT: 303 g. Slim - 355 g. Headsets

(KAPRO3S) Slim version
(KASTC) Headset version

Manufacturer: 3M PELTOR™
(Code: KACC+colore)


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Manufacturer: 3M PELTOR™
(Code: KARES/C/PT)
Manufacturer: 3M PELTOR™
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