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The company BULL OIL snc, was founded in 1969, and operates in the petrochemical sector and in particular in the production of mineral and synthetic lubricating oils, greases and chemical products. The offices, factory and the warehouse are situated in Porcari, province of Lucca, a few kilometres from the A11 Firenze-Mare highway. The extraordinary productive flexibility, allows us to offer even extra standard products, according to the particular demands of the clients. The absolute quality of the bases and the additives used guarantee maximum performance in any operative condition.

The trademark KENTRON® was born from the fortunate intuition of two Florentine entrepreneurs who in 1969 gave BULL OIL the task to develop a product suitable for the conservation and cleaning of arms. Thus the KENTRON® lubricant for firearms was born, which after years has remained practically unchanged except for some technical improvements that over the years have become available in the lubricant sector. In 1985 BULL OIL took over the KENTRON® trademark, the equipment and, as a supplier, became the direct distributor of the product on the whole national territory, thanks to a network of agents that has steadily increased in time.


Kentron line items

The range of products has widened both in the type and in the packaging of the product and so we have added two specific lines to the traditional HUNTING LINE, well- known for decades: a SPORT LINE dedicated to the shooting sports: silhouette shooting, skeet, bench rest, muzzle loading and any other with a series of new and specific products, both oils and greases, for the maintenance of the arm, the bluing or the cleaning of the cartridge case. A dedicated line DEFENSE LINE for the military and police departments where the presence of KENTRON® has been constant for many years including lubricants, greases, solvents, accessories like ear protectors, goggles, rods and swabs for long, short firearms and 40mm grenade launchers, maintenance cloths, gloves and much more.

Finally the PLUS LINE that groups all the accessories that integrate the most common demands from the shops: a wide range of PELTOR® ear protectors, EAR® plugs and bows AOSafety® and PELTOR® goggles in various colours and materials, which we import directly, soaked and dry cleaning cloths, pieces of cotton wool for the swabs, carpets for dismantling and cleaning, bags for transporting arms, military watches, sights, cleaning kit, snap caps, fiber optic, leather sheats, collars, etc. The latest newcomer is KENTRON BULLETS, a line of superb lead pistol balls with an exceptional finish. They are manufactured exclusively for KENTRON® , who are also the distributors for the whole Italian market.

Each line is characterised by its own logo and its own specific graphics, which make it immediately identifiable. Your appreciation of our efforts was immediate and encouraged us to continue on this road to improvement and widening of the articles offered and we notice a flattering enthusiasm.

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